Heather Taylor JohnsonHeather Taylor Johnson is an American-born, Australian-residing writer, editor and academic. She thinks short fiction is the most difficult genre to master, so she writes poetry and novels instead. And she’s mad about them.

Heather Taylor Johnson is clearly a talented writer with a future ahead of her.... she possesses a strong, bold, passionate voice that wonderfully combines humour, power, lyricism and quirky observation.
Nicholas Jose


Pursuing Love and Death (HarperCollins, 2013)


I happened to finish reading Pursuing Love and Death on Bloomsday, which was perfectly appropriate for such a psychologically dense, character-stuffed, richly domestic novel, written with a poet's ear for language.”  Peter Goldsworthy

"A novel rooted in Eros and Thanatos, a warm, tantalising and disturbing analysis of sweet perfidy and obsessive madness, where comedy and small tragedies are dealt a generous hand….This is a work brimming with poetic carnality."  Brian Castro


Thirsting for Lemonade (IP, 2013)

Letters to my Lover from a Small Mountain Town (IP, 2012)

Exit Wounds (Picaro Press, 2007) - OUT OF PRINT